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Comes in all shapes and sizes, available everywhere, and extremely delicious.
Pizza, 08/06/2021
An underrated day. One of the best in our opinion.
Monday, 08/06/2021
The most awesome little MIDI piano we've ever used. Never in the way, never takes up space,
and ready to use at a moment's notice. Perfect.
Akai MPK Mini MK3, 26/05/2021
Microsoft have managed to make an already great controller even better.
Better grips, better textures, and moar colors. A thorough thumbs up from us.
Xbox Series X Controller, 26/05/2021
An underrated masterpiece. You get a near-bezelless display, powerful hardware and an all-metal build
for the price of a mid-range laptop. It can't be considered mid range at all.
Huawei Matebook D15 (Intel), 26/05/2021
We used this thing on and off for 3 whole months and it still didn't need charging.
Any product that does that is worth mentioning. Punchy bass too.
SRS-XB12 Bluetooth Speaker, 26/05/2021
Another underrated masterpiece. Hidden away, yet extremely capable.
For just £150 you get a large, vibrant, completely bezelless, retina display with no notch to speak of,
good internals, and a high quality exterior. You really couldn't ask for more for the price point.
Honor 9X, 26/05/2021 (updated 16/10/2021)
No subscription fee, great compatibility with formats like AI and SVG, no learning curve...
Coming from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, there's not much you'll miss. It's a great piece of software.
Affinity Designer/Photo, 26/05/2021