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2010 / Beginnings
We are founded March 17, 2010 as a simple YouTube channel called TheTechnoToast -
uploading "YouTube Poop" videos, concepts, music remixes and other oddities.
2011 / DeviantArt
We join DeviantArt April 19, 2011, and begin publishing wallpapers,
hardware and software concepts, and downloadable software.
2012 / A Milestone
We join Twitter @TheTechnoToast.
Our YouTube channel reaches 20,000 views.
2013-14 / Discovery
We join Google+, expanding our social media.
We also change our logo several times.
2015 / Fine Tuned
We celebrate our 5 year anniversary!

TheTechnoToast becomes TheTechnoToast Ltd, officially becoming incorporated. is launched, following the launch of
The website features our latest art, software and videos.
2016 / Shifting
Due to an incident at YouTube involving trademark infringement,
impersonation and antisemitism, and personally witnessing Google's inaction -
we announce our intention to leave YouTube, and join VidMe.
2017 / Changes
After upwards of 100,000 views, and 7 years to the day that we joined, we officially leave YouTube.
We also leave Twitter, and withdraw apps we had uploaded to Google Play.

VidMe shuts down, leading us to move to PewTube, which also eventually shuts down.
2018-19 / Rebirth & Hiatus
We join Gab.

We leave shortly after, due to concerns regarding extremism
and antisemitism perpetuated by the platform.

We officially rebrand as Tecior.

ThreeRibbon is formed, initially starting as a YouTube channel called
"Songs in Vibrato" specialising in humorous videos and entertainment.
ThreeRibbon's Logo
2020 / The Comeback
After 6 months of building, Tecior (briefly) goes live on June 16.
A new website showcasing our art and photography is unveiled.
November 27, 2020 / Growth
ThreeRibbon becomes TeciorRibbon, and a new logo is introduced.
December 10, 2020 / New Platforms
After several months of development, TeciorFILM is unveiled -
a brand new video site specialising in ambient,
relaxing videos, gaming clips, idents, parodies and more.

TheTechnoToast (briefly renamed TeciorArc) is
announced for archived videos.

TeciorRibbon migrates its videos to TeciorFILM.
January 2021 / Streamlining
A brand new icon for Tecior is unveiled.
TeciorRibbon's logo is given a refresh.
May 2021 / Expansion
TeciorVU is unveiled, initially starting as a minimalist review website.

June-July 2021 / Software
TeciorArc is rebranded for software, and a new site specialising
in software, apps and themes is unveiled.
September 2021 / Meem
A new site for TeciorRibbon launches, featuring memes, satirical news articles and much more.
October 2021 / Restoration's frontpage returns as the central hub for TeciorFILM, TeciorARC, TeciorVU and TeciorRibbon.
January 2022 / Truth
TeciorVU is rebranded to feature all our artworks, wallpapers, concepts and more - free of charge.

Tecior is also given a minor branding refresh.
April 2022 / Waves
A new music service, TeciorWave, is unveiled, as well as a new identity for Tecior: "7NDRCOVR".
Expand Meem
A new wiki is launched for TeciorRibbon. 'Ribbonary' is a satirical wiki site, similar to Uncyclopedia.
June 2022 / NewFILM
TeciorFILM is given a minor branding refresh.
August 2022 / NewVU
TeciorVU is given a minor branding refresh.
December 2022 / Ribbonary
TeciorRibbon's website migrates to Ribbonary.
It brings fun facts, memes, wiki articles, news stories and more, together in one place.
January 2023 / Renewal
Tecior undergoes an overhaul for 2023, introducing new logos, abolishing TeciorARC and incorporating it into Tecior.

We introduce a new 'computing' section which showcases our apps, themes, and software.
"Our Mission is to create and to innovate.
To be thought-provoking, creative and bold."

Raphael Price-Blount
Founder and CEO

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